Diverse Military
by Michael A. Vane

Now that Congress has funded the government for the remainder of the fiscal year and prevented another government shutdown, we must turn our attention to future budget needs and re-evaluate spending caps that threaten our national security. As a former lieutenant general in the U.S. Army with more than 35 years of service, I know […]

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by Jimmy Jenkins

Arizona Sen. Martha McSally visited Luke Air Force Base in Glendale on Thursday to have what she called a candid discussion about sexual assault in the armed services. McSally said she met with commanders and junior airmen to discuss the challenges they are facing with sexual assault Air Force. She said education was key to […]

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by Oriana Pawlyk

The Air Force officially has its first enlisted woman attempting the special operations weather career field. The female airman, unidentified for privacy reasons, recently graduated basic military training and the special warfare prep course but has yet to begin assessment and selection, known as A&S, Air Education and Training Command spokeswoman Marilyn Holliday told Military.com on Thursday. Read More

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by Ahmed Youssef

Qatar plans to establish a “city” devoted exclusively to military education, Hamad bin Ahmed al-Nuaimi, head of colleges and institutes for the Qatari Armed Forces, said Thursday. In an interview with the Defense Ministry’s Al-Talai magazine, al-Nuaimi said the planned city would include “institutes, centers and military educational establishments, along with training and sports facilities”. […]

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Aviation Industry 

by Matthew Mishrikey

In a few milliseconds, electrical arcing in aircraft wiring can release thousands of joules of energy. This is enough to ignite wire insulation, pierce hydraulic lines, and compromise critical flight-control subsystems. The aviation industry urgently needs reliable arc-fault detection and mitigation measures. Going on decades now, academic and commercial research on the subject continues because […]

Debt management

by Benjamin Krause

The VA Debt Management Center just announced it reduced call wait times by over 75 percent while also increasing calls taken by 40 percent from 2016 to 2018. As part of the agency’s veteran-focused initiatives, they agency reduced call wait times from 21 minutes in 2016 to under 5 minutes during 2018. The initiatives include […]

Vets’ Education

The Military Times just released its, “Best Schools for Vets” rankings. Rankings were determined after hundreds of schools were reviewed on issues that vets say are most important to them, including great academics and a strong veteran culture. Read more