Diverse Military
by Department of Defense Transition to Veterans Program Office

“The mission has been the prime motivator for me and what brings me the most enjoyment,” said Nathan Ainspan, Ph.D., Research Psychologist, Department of Defense (DoD), Transition to Veterans Program Office (TVPO). Ainspan celebrated five years of working at TVPO in July, 2018. TVPO designs, oversees, and evaluates the DoD Transition Assistance Program (TAP). With […]

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by Daveen Rae Kurutz

MOON TWP. — A new partnership between Robert Morris University and the SEAL Future Fund will give active duty and veteran SEALs the opportunity to earn a degree at the university. The SEAL Future Fund offers scholarships to bridge the funding gap between military education benefits and full tuition. SEALs who are looking to transition […]

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by Felipe Lagos

Chilean Navy Commander Sergio Gómez took on the role of instructor through the U.S. Naval War College (USNWC), teaching U.S. military students. The Chilean Navy officer will deliver several courses and participate in humanitarian aid conferences in military and civil institutions until 2019. The Chilean officer began teaching as part of his studies at USNWC’s […]

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by Laurie Pickard

Are MOOCs still capable of reshaping higher education? Those of us who have been following MOOCs since the beginning are all too familiar with narrative that has surrounded them. First, there were the overblown predictions that MOOCs would bring about the downfall of higher education as we know it. Then, when that didn’t happen (at […]

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Predatory Colleges


This fall, hundreds of thousands of veterans are attending college with help from the GI Bill, benefits they earned in their service to our country. First created in the 1940s and signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the GI Bill has helped millions of veterans pursue a college degree or vocational training so […]

Supplying Teachers

by Topeka Capital-Journal

The military has a knack for instilling positive traits in its personnel. Businesses and other organizations have benefited from the ability of military veterans they’ve hired to work under pressure, stay organized and motivate others. It’s easy to see how those skills would translate to the classroom. A Defense Department program has helped fortify teaching […]

Secret Debt

by Daniela Senderowicz

Gamblers and reality TV stars can claim bankruptcy protections when in financial trouble, but 44 million student loan borrowers can’t. Unemployed, underpaid, destitute, sick, or struggling borrowers simply aren’t able to start anew. With a default rate approaching 40 percent, one would expect armies of distressed borrowers marching in the streets demanding relief from a system that […]