Diverse Military
by military.com

Servicemembers wounded in combat will now be exempt from the new Department of Defense policy to be deployable in 12 months or face separation from the military. According to DOD Instruction 1332.45 (Retention Determinations for Non-Deployable Servicemembers), those servicemembers whose injuries were the result of hostile action, meet the criteria for awarding of the Purple […]

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by Lauren Sausser

The federal government is investigating the Medical University of South Carolina for an alleged civil rights violation after a veteran and former nursing school student reported she was expelled because administrators discriminated against her based on a disability. Nicola Fiem, 31, of North Charleston, filed her complaint with the U.S. Department of Education last year. […]

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by Karen Jowers

Those leaving the military will have more time to use free resources such as income tax help, nonmedical counseling, spouse employment assistance and other resources via Military OneSource, thanks to a provision in the defense authorization bill signed into law Monday by President Trump. Much of the information on MilitaryOneSource.mil is available to the general […]

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by Marian Johns

American Military University has agreed to a $270,000 settlement regarding allegations by the state of Massachusetts that the school violated state law by misleading veterans. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey alleges the online for-profit school, whose students are mostly veterans, did not make mandated disclosures to prospective students regarding job placement rates and did not […]

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‘Good Idea Fairy’

by Richard Andres

It is tough to publicly critique someone you respect but, if the issue is important enough, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and let fly. In a recent War on the Rocks article, Paula Thornhill provided a set of recommendations she believes would improve professional military education. If anyone is qualified to tackle this […]

From Protestor to Marine

by Joe Plenzler

The very first protest I ever participated in took place on April 7, 1990, when several racist groups paraded through the college town of Miami, Ohio, on minority recruitment weekend. My friends, a ragtag group of musicians, skateboarders, art students, and punk rock aficionados, and I defied the university’s warnings to “Stay away on Saturday” […]

Practice Makes Perfect

by Sara Samora, Council of the Former Enlisted

When people say Columbia Journalism School is like boot camp for journalists, they are not kidding. Instead of carrying a rifle and a 100-pound pack on my back, I’m lugging around camera gear and tripods in either the hot, cool, or freezing cold streets of New York City. Moreover, you force yourself to speak with […]