Diverse Military
by Monica Levitan

University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) freshman Map Pesqueira claims he lost his three-year scholarship through the college’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC) program because he is transgender. The three-year scholarship goes into effect Pesquiera’s sophomore year, however, because he is transgender, he has been prohibited from using the scholarship because of a […]

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by Annie Martin

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen Jr., hired to “lead change” at UCF after school leaders acknowledged the use or planned misuse of more than $85 million in leftover operating funds for construction, is a finalist for the president’s job at the University of South Carolina. The University of Central Florida tapped Caslen, 65, in January to serve […]

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by Joshua Axelrod

Some of the schools that receive the most Post-9/11 GI Bill money spend the least on teaching students, a new report suggests. The study, conducted by the nonprofit group Veterans Education Success, analyzed more than 4,600 higher-education institutions and found that in 2017, 427 of those schools spent less than 30 percent of their gross […]

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by Bruce Young

Army Secretary Mike Esper was at Virginia Military Insitute Thursday. His visit to VMI is part of a tour of the nation’s six senior military colleges, and included a visit to Virginia Tech last week. He is also stopping by other colleges with ROTC program. Read More

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Aviation Industry 

by Matthew Mishrikey

In a few milliseconds, electrical arcing in aircraft wiring can release thousands of joules of energy. This is enough to ignite wire insulation, pierce hydraulic lines, and compromise critical flight-control subsystems. The aviation industry urgently needs reliable arc-fault detection and mitigation measures. Going on decades now, academic and commercial research on the subject continues because […]

Debt management

by Benjamin Krause

The VA Debt Management Center just announced it reduced call wait times by over 75 percent while also increasing calls taken by 40 percent from 2016 to 2018. As part of the agency’s veteran-focused initiatives, they agency reduced call wait times from 21 minutes in 2016 to under 5 minutes during 2018. The initiatives include […]

Vets’ Education

The Military Times just released its, “Best Schools for Vets” rankings. Rankings were determined after hundreds of schools were reviewed on issues that vets say are most important to them, including great academics and a strong veteran culture. Read more