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Is High School Too Soon for Military Recruitment?

by Gena Mangiaratti | March 29, 2019
Each year, high school students across the country see uniformed members of the armed forces wi [...] Read more

Southern Utah Student Among Small Percentage of Females Accepted Into Prestigious Military Academy

by Markee Heckenliable | March 26, 2019
The acceptance rate for the United State Military Academy at West Point was 10 percent in 2017, [...] Read more

Opinion: Congress Must Support Programs to Prepare Young People For Military Service

by Michael A. Vane | March 22, 2019
Now that Congress has funded the government for the remainder of the fiscal year and prevented [...] Read more

First Enlisted Woman to Try for Air Force Special Operations Weather Career

by Oriana Pawlyk | March 22, 2019
The Air Force officially has its first enlisted woman attempting the special operations wea [...] Read more

Groups Unite on HEA Priorities for Military-Connected Students

by LaMont Jones | March 22, 2019
WASHINGTON – Strengthening the GI Bill, institutional accountability and protecting military- [...] Read more

Qatar to Establish ‘City’ Devoted to Military Education

by Ahmed Youssef | March 21, 2019
Qatar plans to establish a “city” devoted exclusively to military education, Hamad bin Ahme [...] Read more

Becoming a Military Nurse

by Michele Wojciechowski | March 19, 2019
Ever thought about becoming a nurse in one of the armed forces? Alicia Murray did. For six year [...] Read more

At Valley Forge Military Academy And College, Parents And Graduates Demand President’s Return

by Kristin E. Holmes | March 19, 2019
Parents and alumni of Valley Forge Military Academy and College upset with the shocking depar [...] Read more