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Naval Academy to Tighten Screening for Officer Aptitude

by Associated Press | September 06, 2018
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Naval Academy’s superintendent says a new initiative to identify [...] Read more

Transition — Translating Military Experience to Civilian Employment

by | September 06, 2018
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‘Drone Natives” May Present Challenges for Future Military

by David Vergun | September 06, 2018
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Hawaii Turns to Military for Teachers

by Suevon Lee | September 06, 2018
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West Point Hosts Diversity Conference

by Associated Press | September 04, 2018
WEST POINT, N.Y. — The U.S. Military Academy is hosting a conference on diversity this week. [...] Read more

Navy Accidents Boost Interest in Academy Training

by Brian Witte, Associated Press | September 04, 2018
ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Lt. Devan Gurecki remembers feeling uneasy the first time she set foot on th [...] Read more

What Really Happens in Military Transition Program

by Lindy Kyzer | September 04, 2018
The military’s Transition Assistance Program is designed to make the process easier. But does [...] Read more

How Penn State World Campus Trains Next-Generation of Army Educators

by John Tolley | September 04, 2018
For members of the armed services, education is one of the key drivers of advancement. But educ [...] Read more