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Arming Teachers? Those with Military Training Are Scarce

by Rachel Wolfe | February 27, 2018
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Trump Never Consulted Military’s Top Officer on Transgender Troops

by Chris Sommerfeldt | February 23, 2018
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JROTC Trained Cruz to Shoot Well

by Amy Goodman | February 23, 2018
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Trump Tweet: Guns for Teachers with “Military or Special Training”

by Julie Hirschfeld Davis | February 23, 2018
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California’s Online College Plan Shifts Paradigm

by Henry Kronk | February 20, 2018
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Military: A Grand Parade Won’t Solve Problems

by Eugene Scott | February 09, 2018
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House Bill Calls for More Transition Training

by Natalie Gross | February 09, 2018
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill want service members to get more training for civilian life before tr [...] Read more

Texas Man Applied to Teach for ISIS

by Peter Reid | February 08, 2018
A Texas man wanting to join ISIS sent the terrorist organization his resume and cover letter ex [...] Read more