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This Report Says Black And Hispanic Service Members Are More Likely to Face Trial

by Meghann Myers | June 02, 2019
Men in the military are much more likely to go to court-martial than women, according to rece [...] Read more

KU Lands Grant to Develop Eating Disorder Screening Tool For Military, VA

by Hays Post | May 12, 2019
LAWRENCE — When one thinks of the military, images of elite, highly fit soldiers often come t [...] Read more

Congressman Seeks Gender Diversity Reports From Coast Guard

by Julia Bergman | May 12, 2019
Following the release of a study looking at the retention of women in the Coast Guard, Democra [...] Read more

DoD Officials Make Case for Keeping the Draft, Women Included

by Patricia Kime | April 28, 2019
The Selective Service System is an “inexpensive insurance policy” against a nationa [...] Read more

Trump’s Controversial Transgender Military Policy Goes Into Effect

by Hallie Jackson & Courtney Kube | April 12, 2019
Three years after the Obama administration told transgender individuals they could serve openly [...] Read more

Bill Plans Scholarship Money For Families of Those Killed, Injured in Military

by Michael Perchick | March 29, 2019
Lawmakers gathered at the General Assembly on Wednesday to discuss the filing of a bill that wo [...] Read more

Retired Air Force Brigadier General Will Run to be Next Mayor of Montgomery

by Brian Edwards | March 26, 2019
A retired brigadier general and chief executive officer of a military-partnered company has joi [...] Read more

Arizona Sen. Martha McSally Looks To Reform How Armed Forces Deal With Sexual Assault

by Jimmy Jenkins | March 22, 2019
Arizona Sen. Martha McSally visited Luke Air Force Base in Glendale on Thursday to have what sh [...] Read more