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TV Ad Aims to Pressure Trump on Transgender Military Service

by Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press | March 06, 2018
WASHINGTON — Activist groups are turning to television ads — including on President Donald [...] Read more

Wounded Warrior Troops May Face Separation

by Hope Hodge Seck | March 02, 2018
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ controversial new “deploy or out” policy, whic [...] Read more

Putin: Russia Has “Invincible” Nukes

by Robert Burns and Lolita C. Baldor | March 02, 2018
WASHINGTON — The Pentagon on Thursday dismissed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s boas [...] Read more

One Vet with AR-15 Makes Himself School Guard

by WANE-TV 15 | March 01, 2018
Enough is enough, says an armed U.S. Army veteran in Indiana who has decided to take student a [...] Read more

GOP Bill Would Make College Less Affordable

by Delece Smith-Barrow | March 01, 2018
WASHINGTON – A bill proposed by Republicans in the House of Representatives could change [...] Read more

Report: U.S. Survivor Benefits Compare Well to Other Sectors

by Sierra Darville | March 01, 2018
New studies released by RAND, an independent research and development group, found that the pol [...] Read more

Another Bill Addresses Jobs for Military Spouses

by Scott Maucione | March 01, 2018
Lawmakers introduced the second bill in a month to help reduce military spouse unemployment, an [...] Read more

DOE Wants to Protect Student Debt Collectors

by Cory Turner, Chris Arnold | March 01, 2018
Student loan debt collectors have been accused of deceiving and abusing student borrowers and h [...] Read more