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For-Profit Students Saddled with Debts Adam Harris

by Adam Harris | September 04, 2018
For many students, the path toward enrolling in a for-profit college starts with an advertiseme [...] Read more

Bill Aims to Protect Students from Worthless Degrees

by | August 29, 2018
WASHINGTON – As college students begin returning to class, Sens. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., a [...] Read more

For-Profit Colleges Have Allies Now, but Complaints Persist

by Richard Lardner and Collin Binkley, Associated Press | August 29, 2018
WASHINGTON — A lawsuit against Ashford University describes an admissions office with a cutth [...] Read more

Online, For-Profit University Accused of Misleading Vets Agrees to Pay $270,000

by Marian Johns | August 17, 2018
American Military University has agreed to a $270,000 settlement regarding allegations by the s [...] Read more

Spinoff Tackles /$1B Online Education Market

by Terry Pender | August 03, 2018
WATERLOO — There is a new player in the growing market for online education, and it has hundr [...] Read more

Udacity Looks to Future

by Tina Nazerian | August 03, 2018
Udacity helped start the whole MOOC craze several years ago, offering online courses that drew [...] Read more

How Online Learning Will Change Education

by Baltimore Post Examiner | August 02, 2018
Digital learning is, in many ways, already making inroads into our education system. The intern [...] Read more

DeVos Rules Would Cut $13B in Student Loan Relief

by Collin Binkley, Associated Press | July 27, 2018
Students who are defrauded by their schools would have a harder time getting their federal loan [...] Read more