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Court Filing Claims D.O.E. Illegally Got SSN Data

by Maria Danilova, Associated Press | March 22, 2018
WASHINGTON  — A group of former students defrauded by for-profit colleges is claiming in cou [...] Read more

Bridgepoint wants to Convert Its Colleges to Non-Profts

by David Halperin | March 15, 2018
Sunday we wrote about the new gold rush in education: for-profit colleges converting to non-pr [...] Read more

Grand Canyon U. Regains Non-Profit Status

by Associated Press | March 09, 2018
PHOENIX — Grand Canyon University says the Higher Learning Commission has approved its applic [...] Read more

Students of Defunct ITT Tech Allowed in Bankruptcy Case

by Danielle Douglas-Gabriel | March 09, 2018
A federal judge approved a settlement Wednesday allowing former students at ITT Technical Insti [...] Read more

Report Questions Purdue, Kaplan Online Merger

by Associated Press | February 27, 2018
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — A pending deal that would make Purdue University the new owner of the [...] Read more

Fraud Suit Targets Call Center Pushing Predatory Colleges

by David Halperin | February 23, 2018
A former employee of a call center that pushed students into predatory for-profit colleges has [...] Read more

Financially Independent Students: The “New Majority” in College

by Tiffany Pennamon | February 22, 2018
A new majority of college students are more independent than students in previous years, accord [...] Read more

U.S. Moves to Dismiss Complaint Against Webster U.

by Haley Walter | February 22, 2018
A long time employee at Webster University filed a federal complaint alleging the university co [...] Read more