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Army Ousts Recruits Lured by Promise of Citizenship as ‘Security Threats’

by Alex Marquardt | July 13, 2018
NEW YORK – In June, a young Pakistani student studying in Minnesota managed to get his ha [...] Read more

FBI: Education Fraud Scheme Was ‘Straight Up Stealing’

by CBS 11 News | July 12, 2018
In a bait-and-switch scheme, a group of fraudsters used educational programs for veterans to en [...] Read more

“Dropped from Heaven to Hell”: Sudden Discharge Stuns Immigrant Ph.D. Candidate

by Associated Press | July 10, 2018
SAN FRANCISCO — Growing up in eastern China, Panshu Zhao fell in love with America. He read t [...] Read more

Veteran Seeks to Reinvent the Path to Salaried Careers

by Devin Thorpe | July 06, 2018
Felix W. Ortiz III, 34, is a U.S. Army veteran who is working to reinvent the process of employ [...] Read more

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Military Education

by Mick Ryan | July 05, 2018
Is the dawn of artificial intelligence and autonomous weapons resulting in a new revolution in [...] Read more

V.A. Nominee Hears Challenge to Fix Morale Crisis

by Lisa Rein | June 29, 2018
Senate lawmakers told Robert Wilkie on Wednesday that he will face a workforce beset by poor mo [...] Read more

Questions about Racism and Equity Embroil Coast Guard Academy

by Michael Melia, Associated Press | June 28, 2018
NEW LONDON, Conn. — At the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, officers-in-training spend four years to [...] Read more

Rules Change Would Let V.A. Employees Work at For-Profit Schools

by Natalie Gross | June 26, 2018
Employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs aren’t allowed to moonlight at for-profit sch [...] Read more