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The Wild West

by F. KING ALEXANDER | July 12, 2018
Everyone in America should be concerned about recent news that the U.S. Department of Education [...] Read more

Education for Adults

by Rebecca Watts | July 10, 2018
All across Ohio, employers are having trouble filling positions essential to our economy. While [...] Read more

Transitioning to Reserves

by Dr. Jarrod Sadulski | July 06, 2018
Servicemembers are faced with an important decision at the end of their enlistment: whether to [...] Read more

Entrepreneurial Spirit

by Sholeh Patrick | July 05, 2018
There must be something about military training that is conducive to business. Veterans are 45 [...] Read more

Inclusion for MOOCs

by Henry Kronk | June 29, 2018
By definition, MOOCs are massive. It’s not atypical for a given course to bring in tens of th [...] Read more

Lonely, Bored

by Carl Forsling | June 28, 2018
Veterans face a variety of problems once they leave the service. Whether it’s accurate or not [...] Read more

Not What Flag Stands For

by Zach Iscol | June 22, 2018
As the CEO of Task & Purpose, I’ve tried to create a community that is above partisan po [...] Read more

Grading Army College

by Maj. Jamie Schwandt, USAR | June 21, 2018
I have spent the past year being graded, evaluated, and assessed as a student at the U.S. Army [...] Read more