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Tracks for Transition

by Ron Kness | July 31, 2018
The mandatory portion of the military’s Transition Assistance Program includes pre-separation [...] Read more

New Secretary’s Challenge

by Benjamin Krause | July 27, 2018
The US Senate confirmed attorney Robert Wilkie on Monday to become the next Secretary of the De [...] Read more

Education and Innovation

by Austin Duncan and Adam Yang | July 26, 2018
In early 2017, a Russian drone dropped a thermite grenade on an Eastern Ukrainian military base [...] Read more

“Ladies and….”

by 1st Lt. Virginia Brodie, USMC | July 24, 2018
Two short words can change the Marine Corps: “Ladies and . . . .” As a brand new lieutenant [...] Read more

Owing the V.A.

by Amy Bushatz | July 20, 2018
The Department of Veterans Affairs says you owe them money. You disagree. But how do you fight [...] Read more

New GI Bill

by Katie Begley | July 19, 2018
The Department of Defense (DOD) recently made a change to the Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, chang [...] Read more

The Digital Revolution

by Alden Hunt | July 17, 2018
Peter Smith ’68 has been a strong proponent of educational opportunities for adults since the [...] Read more

NATO Spending

by Lindsay Koshgarian | July 13, 2018
President Trump is already drawing headlines for his gaffes at this week’s NATO conference. B [...] Read more