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Protesting ROTC

by Colman McCarthy | December 19, 2017
Should you have a liking for antiwar agitators who dizzyingly stay on message, protest after pr [...] Read more
What Next?

What Next?

by Erin Roberts | December 15, 2017
Why are you serving in uniform? Think back to the day when you signed on the dotted line and le [...] Read more

Whitening Academia

by Steven W. Thrasher | December 14, 2017
While a House Republican proposal to tax the tuition waivers of graduate students may not be am [...] Read more
Killing the Future

Killing the Future

by Caryn Sever | December 12, 2017
We are witnessing the death of the information age. There is a continued assault on education f [...] Read more
Fund Higher Ed

Fund Higher Ed

by Vince Sampson and Mike B. Goldstein | December 08, 2017
Congress is poised to give the HEA a much-needed update. The House of Representatives have intr [...] Read more

Deceiving Students

by David Halperin | December 07, 2017
At this week’s Department of Education ongoing public meeting to advance Betsy DeVos’s plan [...] Read more
The End of Grad School

The End of Grad School

by Sarah Allisot | December 05, 2017
As 2017 winds down, United States politicians have turned their attention to long-promised tax [...] Read more

90/10 Loophole

by Michael Durkheimer | December 01, 2017
To exploit students (and taxpayers), for-profit colleges can first exploit veterans. This artic [...] Read more