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Defrauding Students

by Vivé Griffith | March 16, 2018
Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Katherine Clark just released the DeVos Watch, summarizing the s [...] Read more

Education Options

by Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Snow | March 15, 2018
Unfortunately, the growing divide between the military and society was apparent last week when [...] Read more

Converting to Nonprofit

by David Halperin | March 13, 2018
Participants at an upcoming invitation-only conference in the Washington DC area, entitled “I [...] Read more

Blurred Lines

by Kevin Kinser | March 09, 2018
As far as universities go, Kaplan and Purdue could not have been more different. Kaplan Univers [...] Read more

Russia’s Weaponry

by Dr. Monique M. Chouraeshkenazi | March 08, 2018
Last week, President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia has produced indomitable weapons of m [...] Read more

Civilian Arms Race

by Van R. Newkirk II | March 06, 2018
The Second Amendment is a remarkable piece of the Constitution. “A well regulated Militia, be [...] Read more

Learning Outcomes

by David Hutchins | March 02, 2018
The tried-and-true credit hour is so entrenched in higher education, it’s hard to imagine a [...] Read more

School Choice for Military

by Lindsey Burke | March 01, 2018
School choice for military families is an idea whose time has come, according to Education Secr [...] Read more
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